I see Nile once a month and it always makes me feel so grounded.  There's this comfortable quality to him, you know, gentle and kind even though he's, you know, enormous.  His energy is always so relaxed.

Penelope Berro

Client Testimonials

About Nile

Nile is trained in a multitude of bodywork modalities (kinds of massage), having worked under Chiropractor Brendan Murray (who works with the US Olympic weight lifting team) in his very first job in massage, gaining knowledge and insight into human mechanics that his initial training had only just prepared him to absorb.  A series of jobs in luxury spa environments such as the Burke Williams Day Spa in Santa Monica, CA taught Nile about the more indulgent side of massage.  After 3 years of working for other people though, Nile built a private out-call business in Los Angeles, which grew and thrived until 2010, when he moved with his budding family to Hawaii.

Nile's varied direct training in many forms of massage is complemented by his years of studying many forms of dance (Ballet, Jazz, Modern), which imbue his work with a fluidity and grace not commonly found in his peers.  Physically, Nile is predisposed for strength and endurance, at 6'5" and with hands larger than any other therapist he has, to date, met.  Combined with his uncommon mix of western structured massage training and his exposure to traditional, generations old Lomi Lomi, Nile's massage is a unique and exceptional experience.

For 4 year now I've been seeing Nile almost every week.  I shattered my hip ages ago, and have all kinds of problems from that.  But with Nile's help I can do almost anything, even run and hike.  I didn't really realize how much I needed his work until he was gone for over a month and all my pains came back.

Craig Torchia

Born in South Africa and raised in the US and Switzerland, Nile feels lucky to have had the benefit of an international upbringing and education.  He showed an aptitude for the arts at an early age, which led to studies in Modern Dance and ultimately to Film School at UCLA in Los Angeles.  Finding he lacked a certain ruthlessness which is conducive to success in the film industry, Nile turned to Massage in 2003, which he had been exposed to through other dancers.

Only 2 years later, he met and fell in love with his future wife, who was not only a massage therapist as well, but a teacher of Lomi Lomi - Hawaiian massage.  Carrie Rowell (Hamoea.com) had apprenticed in Lomi Lomi in the traditional way, living with her Kumu (teacher) and Kahuna on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Lucky again, Nile benefited professionally from this newfound love.  In 2010 they moved together to Hawaii and, shortly thereafter, Zoe arrived on the scene to make them a family.